OUTspoken Pride Poetry Slam

PEERS Alliance is proud to partner with Pride PEI to host the 5th Annual OUTspoken Poetry Slam as part of the 2020 PEI Pride Festival. Join us as we celebrate our communities’ diverse vigor through inclusive, poetic storytelling.

Pride was born during a riot, a revolution. 51 years ago in Greenwich Village in New York, members of the queer BIPOC community (notably, Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson) had had enough of police brutality towards the 2SLGBTQ+ community, and took a stand that was felt the world over. In honour of their courage and tenacity, we ask participants to examine within their pieces what queer sexual liberation and justice means to them.

We welcome folks from all decades, all backgrounds, all genders and no genders, to join us joyfully as we recount tales of blossoming desires, audacious defiance, and sheer strength in the face of adversities. Slam Poetry is not a passive experience. Slam Poetry stomps its feet and rattles the bars of complicity to create movements that challenge the status quo. Journey with us as we discover parts of ourselves we haven’t yet met. You’ll have four minutes to titillate us, move us to tears, or both with your righteous slams. Interested in participating? Get in touch by e-mailing: kandace.hgn@gmail.com

Please note that while the event will be all-ages, there will be themes of sexuality and exploration present in all creative works! Finally, in regard to ensuring we follow COVID guidelines, there will be a limited audience with groups of six permitted to sit together while adhering to social distancing to those outside of your immediate group. We encourage all those in attendance to wear face masks, let’s keep each other safe during this Pride season.


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