“My name is Bianca García and I am from the Dominican Republic. I am Afro-Caribbean and bisexuall. I came out in 2019 after a great rebellion with myself, I was afraid to tell the world what I feel as a woman, but at the same time it was a moment of relief and a lot of tranquility. I was born in a country where being a woman is very difficult and more if you are queer. My friends are always joking with me, saying that I liked girls but I always denied. It is a country where the queer community is affected and attacked every day and I did not have the courage to tell my friends “Yes I like girls but I also like boys”. Love is love my friends! Currently, the Dominican Republic has changed a lot, it is more open to this reality, even from my circles of friends, there are about 6 that have come out as Queer as well. In 2013 I participated in World Youth in Brazil with Pope Francis. At the meeting he said in front of 3 million young people from around the world, “If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and has good will, who am I to criticize them?”. As Catholic at that time and trying to figure out myself, it was a real surprise to discover a Pope who preaches that we must “integrate gays into society.” From that moment my life changed completely. I began to discover myself and it has been a beautiful transition. I am very proud of the PEI community that has accepted me as I am and respects me. I am Afro-Caribbean, Latin and I am very proud to be bixesual.”

-Bianca García, Afro-Caribbean, Latinx Bisexual Woman